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We provide clients with a full suite of integrated marketing services – Including strategic Brand and communications development, Digital marketing with an expertise in SEO and SEM overlaid with Social Media Marketing integrations. Trade shows, Channel engagement and empowerment programs, Sales support, Lead generation, Content generation and syndication and Marketing process automation and audits to name a few.Event Support Team was incorporated in the year 2014 with the knowledge of advertising and marketing professionals. We have offices all across Offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. National - Operations in over 90 cities across India.

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  • Press Conferences
    At Events support team, our main motive is to keep all the clients delightful with arranging the conferences, events and motivation programs. It is our passion to encourage, create and succeed alongside our clients while offering amazing and wonderful experiences. Events support team always provides better management of conference logistics, in spite of location or size. To match each and every conference and event requirements, we will forever help you and will modify our services. Whether you are searching out some of the corresponding services to support your conference team or are finding out a large range of conference management solutions, you can contact us at anytime. Events support team is a reputed conference and event services provider in all over the world. We have earned a huge fame in the hearts of all the clients both at national and international levels. With the help of our professional staff members, you can easily organize your conference as per your particular requirements at reasonable charges. Services which we provide: In the conference management section, we provide the benefits of various services such as: Online and offline registration Venue, food and beverage management Housing management Staff and helper management Social functions/transport/tours/additional persons program Speaker and program management
    Meet & Greet
    Meet with brand ambassador and increase the value of your business. Actually, he/she is a person who is hired by a business owner so as to promote a product/service. Calling a famous personality is to be considered as the part of business promotion. A brand ambassador may be a famous actor, cricketer, Hollywood actor, etc. Why they are employed? Behind the hiring of a famous personality is that they have a huge social reputation and numerous of the larger companies use this method to represent a particular brand. When they call to promote a brand it is essential that he/she also symbolizes the corporate identity through all the phases like value, performance and principles. A positive sign from a brand ambassador will help to increase sales and will meet you with more business owners. The idea behind calling a brand ambassador has started from past several years and now it has become one of the best ways for the promotion of a brand name. Professional and famous personalities that have a huge repo show their positive reception towards a particular product/service. Brand ambassadors always play a key role in manipulating the decision of clients. They can easily notably manipulate an exact part of market and can increase business sales quickly. You must know that you are using the right way to promote your brand and are following the perfect match of marketing plan which suits to your particular business requirements. A business can never be promoted unless it follows a right marketing plan. Promotion with the help of ambassadors removes the wall that stays among the customers and their decision. The consistency enhances and it makes simpler for the people to take the decision between the choices accessible with them.
    Sales Meet
    Sales Meets To increase the sale of a business, sales meet is to be thought as an amazing package which works as a presenter in a company. In order to search out the most effective solution for fulfilling the particular requirements of each and every client they frequently work with customers and sale managers. They mostly do their job with the highly skilled professionals and other people who engaged in selling and conclude plans to sell the product/services at reasonable charges. Dealer meets and high profile customer meets are also a part of sales meets. In this time period, selling a product with the sales meets has touched the sky and all other principles don’t matter a lot. There were times when consultants directly sell the products without seeing at the outlook to be their likely client or not. For instance, if you cannot sell a female product to a male person then there is no matter how many efforts you have to put. So, therefore the output comes in terms of total wasting time and very hard task to sell a product. . Sales meets are to be believed as an expert and skilled staff members. The more they have in making the most effective deals with various types of people the more they will be able to cooperate well. In addition to, they are good speakers and listeners. With having a good listener, they become capable in understanding the thought of a customer regarding their product. Before telling about their products to the customers at first they collect the information about the clients’ needs. . They have several years’ expertise in clarifying the doubts and confusing of each and every client. To make a long-standing relationship with all the clients, they understand their customers very well. From this section, it clears that to sell a product to a customer, well understanding and communication is very necessary.
    Events & Activation
    Event support team is a leading event management company based in India. To make your event more memorable and amazing, we provide a large variety of entertainment services. Our highly professionals staff members are always ready to give a unique touch to your special day. At Event support team, we are available 24/7 and provide top-notch service for each and every occasion. For your special occasion you can easily get the benefits of various services such as launch events, theme parties, corporate events, live events, birthday parties, wedding planning, special day events and many others. Events support team was founded by experts who have great specialization in sophisticated, pioneering and cutting edge events. We have earned a huge fame and are well-liked by all national and international clients because of providing the unique and high-quality services. Why we considered as a leading event management company? Events support team event management company always gives priority to the delight of all the clients not the satisfaction. At here, our main motive is to stand beside our clients to make sure that they are enjoying their special moments with us. Our dedicated and talented team is always ready to make your events more pleasurable and delightful. The staff members of Events support team company also take care of pre-event and post-event activities. So, to organize your special event and make it memorable, please feel free to make a call to us or drop an e-mail. We assure that we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • HR Events
    Motivational and Outdoor Events Based in India, Events support team has several years’ expertise in designing and organizing the motivational and outdoor events as per the particular needs of guests. We also provide the full support to all the clients in organizing the HR and corporate events as well as inventive training programs working together with world’s best management consultancies. Our top-notch services are divided into two main parts such as: Motivational Events Outdoor Events Motivational Events: Organize your motivational events with the help of our expert and skilled staff members. With designing these types of events you can easily inspire your team. We make and organize motivational activities and entertainment programs for all the little and huge businesses in various destinations. Outdoor Events: Make powerful and reinforce your groups as well as develop your projects with visiting Events support team company based in India. We design and produce workshops and motivating journeys with the aim of making value and quick change to the organization’s human capital. We also organize outdoor team building programs in the fresh air so as to reduce the stress levels. All of the team bonding games, activities and ideas we use is organized to mix risk-free challenges with pure, unrestrained enjoyment. Simply add sunlight.
    Destination Events
    Destination Events Events support team is the most reputed and leading destination events service provider in order to organize special events in all over India. We feel proud as we have an extremely expert and qualified team who are forever ready to provide the benefits of their services as per the particular needs of clients. All are experienced and passionate persons in their areas whether it be event production, performer management, event marketing and transmit, or discussing at government level enabling special event creation. We have several years’ expertise in delighting our guests by knowing about their particular requirements in a deep way. In addition to, we provide the benefits of our services in an extraordinary way. If you want to organize your special functions like marriage, birthday party or any other special occasion then you can hire our destination event service at anytime. We have been providing destination and other special event management services to national, international, domestic, motivation and corporate meeting clients from each and every corner of the world for past many years. Events support team was designed with the motive of providing pioneering and unparalleled services to the motivation and commercial industries.
    Terrot Card
    Tarot Card Reading and Healing Events To know about their past, present and future moments, numerous of the people are taking the assist of tarot card reading. They consider that this is one of the best ways to collect the whole information about each and every moment. Through taking the assist of this astrology technique, they want to get alert about coming moments. In the ancient times, tarot card reading and healing had got the huge fame to tell about all the future predictions because the layout of these cards is very simple. Events support team wants to secure the future of their valued clients and staff members so that’s why we help our customers to organize their tarot card reading and healing events. As we know that in the present circumstances, the whole world is suffering from various types of problems and tricky situations. So, in order to get rid of these daily life problems we are forever ready to tell about the future of all the people through organizing these types of events. In tarot card and healing events, we don’t tell only tell about the future but provide the most effective solutions of all sorts of problems as well. In these days, tarot cards and healing methods have become one of the best ways for the people to gratify themselves. In Events support team, not only tarot card and healing events are organized but motivational events are arranged at a high level for the internal staff members. Why these types of events are organized? The reason is that all the employees can stay motivated towards their work and life.
    Events support team engage your customers in a memorable way which creates long lasting impressions. We enable your prospective customers to interact with your brand in interesting ways.


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